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Daily inspiration - week 19


One of the most common problems for beginner knitters is what to do if you drop a stitch, and in my Knit and Knatter Saturday afternoons this is the most quoted reason for abandoning knitting. Firstly, DON’T PANIC! Secondly, check out this video. Once you get past this very common problem you’ll be able to cope with any knitting problems. You can also use a spare crochet hook to help pick up the stitches. / 6May

 beverly smart dropping a stitch




I don’t know about where you are, but summer temperatures have hit here in Lagrasse. I always find the transition, clothing wise, from winter to Spring/Summer difficult, and my go to is linen. Like silk, it insulates you in both directions, keeping the morning/evening chill at bay, and letting the skin breathe when it’s hot. I just adore the weave, its almost liquid movement, and it’s my favourite fibre to work on. Here are a couple of linen pieces from the collection that are proving very popular. / 7 May


“I can’t even sew on a button”. No more! This tutorial will show you how to reattach those pesky buttons that come off and then are the reason you stop wearing the garment. It really is very straightforward. Have a go!
Click image for video / 8 May 

beverly smart lost buttons


beverly smart joelle creation veste noir et blanc



My daughter, Joëlle, has been staying with me during lockdown and has been using this downtime to create! She designed a knitted top and is working her way through that (very courageous, as she’s using 4 ply yarn, so it takes for ever!).

Yesterday we worked on her most recent project, to make a jacket design. And here’s the result. She worked away in my studio whilst I was to hand for advice, and I have to say, her creation would look perfect in my collection! She’s done such a great job! / 9 May


Hot off the needles (well, hook). I love this crocheted wavy design and on this top I added a variation to the garment and sleeve hemlines, deepening one of the waves, as well as using the wave in the neckline. It’s always better to work with what comes naturally than to try and make it do something it really doesn’t want to do, whether we’re talking about crochet or life! / 9MayEncore tout chaud des aiguilles (enfin, le crochet). J'adore ce design ondulé au crochet et sur ce haut, j'ai ajouté une variation aux ourlets du vêtement et des manches, en approfondissant l'une des ondulations, ainsi qu'en utilisant dans le décolleté. Il est toujours préférable de travailler avec ce qui vient naturellement plutôt que d'essayer de lui faire faire quelque chose qu'il ne veut vraiment pas faire, qu'il s'agisse de crochet ou de la vie !/ 9 mai


beverly smart knitwear collection hand made



In between getting the store ready for reopening tomorrow, I’ve been photographing all my knit and crochetwear that has accumulated during my break earlier in the year and the lockdown period. Plus my very clever Mum (who taught me everything I know) likes to have something on her needles, and also knits my designs. You can see our work on the website, and don’t forget, these are all totally one off pieces, never to be repeated. / 10 May 


I came across this pattern the other day and took a break from my usual garment production to made this little bag. It’s very quick to do and very straightforward, even if you’re a crochet beginner. I lined it, but unlined it would be perfect for market shopping or the beach.
For the pattern click here (2.99$)
(If you don’t know Ravelry, and are looking for knit or crochet patterns, this is the biggest online resource in the world. There are loads of free patterns, but don’t forget that behind the paid ones are designers trying to live from what they love) /11 May 

beverly smart hand crocheted bag


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