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  • Collier rope en fil de cuivre beverly smart
  • Collier rope en fil de cuivre beverly smart
  • Collier rope en fil de cuivre beverly smart
  • Collier rope artisanal en fil de cuivre, délicat et unique - BEVERLY SMART
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Handmade rope necklace in copper wire, delicate and unique.

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Just look at this handiwork : a long graceful necklace, ethereal and fluid. This delicate necklace is hand crafted in South Africa from copper wire.

You can’t fail to be drawn to this long copper necklace. Made by hand in South Africa from copper telephone wire, this light and delicate opera necklace has all the qualities of a personal, original and unique piece of jewellery. This necklace is the start of a story. You will write what follows.

Elegant, stylish, with a beautiful warm red sheen.

  • Delicate copper nests : each nest is made by hand, bound off with a knot detail, adding a daintiness to the finished product. All underlining the skill of its handmade origins. The wire has been tested and does not contain any nickel, lead or cadmium.
  • The warm glow of the copper wire brings light and radiance and gives an interesting contrast to the textile thread. Cold or warm skin tones, copper loves them all.
  • A long generous opera length, the style of necklace often worn by Coco Chanel in the 1930s. I rather like this association of Chanel and South African craft.

Did you know that copper is heavier than gold or silver? I don’t mean the wire that’s used here, which is all lightness and fluidity. I talking about the raw metal to which we ascribe energetic properties. And, on the metaphysical plane, to love and the goddess Venus.

A copper necklace with a story

Telephone wire holds an important place in South African craft. The miners who emigrated from rural to urban zones are all capable of weaving and working wire. And they practise this skill with more unusual materials, like electrical and telephone wire.

This hand made jewellery craft group was founded by Stella, in Durban, South Africa. She left the health sector to come to the help of parents of disabled children, parents that were previously unable to provide the necessary support for their children. 40 mothers work in the group. They work from their homes and meet up once or twice a week at the main workshop to collect materials and deliver and be paid for the previous week’s jewellery designs. By working from home they can continue to look after their children and economise on transport costs. As I said earlier, this hand crafted necklace is the start of a story. Will you write what happens next?

Approx 100cm long