Calabash fabric stamps in a basket

CAPE TOWN DIARY : A Ghanain visitor to Design Afrika

Adinkra symbols

Today, we had the pleasure of welcoming Gjenyu from Ghana, who brought with him something truly special – fabric stamps hand made from calabashes. These stamps are like little pieces of art, intricately carved and packed with meaning. What makes them even more fascinating is that each stamp features an Adinkra symbol, and each of these symbols has its own unique story rooted in the rich heritage of Ghana.

Adinkra symbols
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A few years back, I had the opportunity to incorporate these symbols into my summer collection, taking them beyond their traditional use. The Adinkra symbols, with their deep cultural significance, found a new canvas on fabric. They transformed from being mere patterns into storytellers, conveying the nuanced meanings embedded in Ghanaian tradition.

This transformation took place under the skilled hands of Keiskamma artisans in the Eastern Cape. Through meticulous embroidery, the symbols etched into the fabric underwent another beautiful metamorphosis. The resulting garments weren't just articles of clothing; they became vibrant expressions of a cultural blend, marrying the craftsmanship of Ghana and South Africa with European design.

An ensemble from my 2014 collection

Linen women's clothing embroidered with Ghanaian adinkra symbos
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An artisan hand printing the symbols onto cotton fabric

Artisan printing traditional symbols onto cotton fabric
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Some of the stamps

adinkra stamps made from calabashes
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