Inspiration quotidienne - semaine 10 - BEVERLY SMART

Daily inspiration - week 10


Why don't you join me in some knitting or crochet?
Click HERE for a CROCHET 101! It will show you how to double crochet (treble in UK), the stitch I used on the blue wave sweater featured on the video here. Let me know how you get on!


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beverly smart handknit tartan sweater


You know what an addict I am, and I'm using this self-isolation time to try new projects I've had waiting in the wings for ever. I'm very pleased with this tartan-inspired design / 31 March


One of my favourite shapes, sketched by Freja, who interned with me a few years ago. Click pick to see its SS2020 interpretation / 2 April


I was very happy to discover a new fabric supplier last autumn, selling organic fabrics. Finding fabric has always been one of my biggest challenges in a world where few women sew anymore, but the internet is changing this. And more choice for me means more choice for you! Click on photo for more info / 4 April


Who doesn’t love Christian Dior? If you were as lucky as me and saw the recent Dior exhibition, you will have been bowled over by the excellence, at every level. This is a long (50 minutes) video, but hey, we have the time right now! Click on photo to launch / 5 April
dior beverly smart
beverly smart rangement fils tricoter


At the weekend I decided to reorganise some of my knitting stash. Now I can see at a glance what cotton yarns I have to work with. (The woollen yarns are safely behind doors in another part of the house, as moths are such a problem in this part of the world).
Now I am bubbling with ideas! / 6 April

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