Inspiration quotidienne - semaine 11 - BEVERLY SMART

Daily inspiration - week 11


When I came across this show last week, I literally stopped in my tracks. From the clothes to the choreography, Issey Miyake's creativity is as unique as ever / 7April

issey miyake fashion show


I Laughed. Out. Loud. at this guy. But from some of the feedback I get from client, he's not alone in being mystified by the magical craft of knitting / 9 April


Still on the craft theme, here's a perfect task for clearing out unwanted t-shirts AND recycling them into something useful AND crafting. So many boxes ticked! Also, a great project for beginners, as the yarn is so chunky it will be very fast to create something satisfying, like a square to use as a mat for hot saucepans. Click image for video / 12 April

beverly smart DIY t shirt yarn

beverly smart very fine hand knit holey sweater


Flashback to one of my handknits from my AW12 collection. I had to work out how to make deliberate holes that would 'stop' and not run so far the garment would fall apart! It is shown here accessorised by very finely crocheted tubular necklaces that I sourced in Cape Town / 11 April


I am missing my trip to Cape Town so much at the moment. South Africa is also in lockdown, which is terribly worrying for the crafters there, whose lives are fragile at the best of times. Binky, my great friend and owner of DESIGN AFRIKA, has had to shut her business during the pandemic, but is still paying her staff and crafters, knowing how essential it is to try and support them, given that there is little,if any, Government support, for them or her. Let's hope the situation improves rapidly so they can all get back to work. The baskets in the video are not from South Africa, but Binky stocks them in her lovely store and the skills are identical to those of her crafters. / 12 April

basket weavers
beverly smart talks crochet


Bank Holiday Monday, not that this day is any different to any other right now! Here's my most recent creation. The next piece is in work. I am loving this time to create without pressure. A wonderful opportunity / 13 April

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