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Justine creates illustrations of my designs

Justine and I may have taken a break for a week or so, but we’re now back working under confinement conditions so that she can continue her internship.

She’s working at her home in Toulouse and I’m split between my home and the workshop.  Of course, the idea of an internship is to offer some guidance too, so I’m on (virtual) hand to help her work on her new collection.

One of the projects I had given her, before lockdown, was to sketch some of my favourite designs (as I have never advanced beyond stick men stage!) and she’s been creating fabulous black and white illustrations of all my pieces. Here she is at work (she first sketches them by hand, then uses some magical software to finalise them).

Intern working at beverly smart
intern working at beverly smart

And here is a selection of her work, from the total of 16 prints.  I am so thrilled to have these beautiful sketches of my designs.

beverly smart intern sketches

Each design is available as a signed limited edition print (10 of each) in a simple black frame. 

Just click on the above image to go directly to the "Sketches" page here on the website. Priced at €19 (framed) it’s a wonderful addition to your wall and supports future craftsmanship, which is what we like to do!

The website also shows you which fabrics can be utilised for that particular garment design, which helps Justine to understand the textural aspect of the design.

A full set of the prints will be adorning my shop walls when I reopen for the 2021 season end March.

Take care of yourselves … we’re half way through confinement - hopefully!

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