twined baskets woven from imisi reed

CAPE TOWN DIARY : Weaving Day in Woodstock

Yesterday was Weaving day at Design Afrika

Guess what we did at Design Afrika yesterday? We had another Weaving day – so much fun!

Victoria kept an eye on my weaving skills, guiding me through the whole process as well as explaining to me how they dry and resoak the imisi.  Meanwhile, she was making her own magic on a larger version of this basket shape. Lindewe went off the grid a bit, creating a spherical version.

I've decided to call them the Pebble Basket collection because, well, why not? And I’ll bringing these, plus a few more, back to the shop soon.

imisi woven baskets on weaving day at Design Afrika
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And here for your delight are Lindewe, Cashier and Victoria busy creating ...

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