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Daily inspiration - week 17


And today, here's my latest creation, taking the granny square theme plus some! As I was making this I had huge fun, just going with the flow, rather than thinking about sellability. When it was finished I wondered what on earth I had done, but then I tried it on, and fell in love! / 21April
beverly smart hand crocheted granny sweater
beverly smart hand crocheted granny sweater beverly smart hand crocheted granny sweater
beverly smart hand crocheted granny sweater beverly smart hand crocheted granny sweater
alexander mcqueen


I never considered myself a big Alexander McQueen fan, but my daughter IS, and she has converted me. You may remember she and I went to the AM exhibition in London earlier this year and I had a chance to appreciate close up the level of skill and cut involved in the designs. Since then I follow this designer on Instagram. Looking at these photos I'm sure you'll see why. / 22 April


The other day a friend of mine mentioned her Tressy doll and that took me right back. I googled it and came across some blasts from the past … I started knitting when I was about 6; and as soon as I could understand patterns I started knitting for my Tressy doll. I had the patterns featured here (in fact I think they’re still in Mum’s sewing box) and made several of the outfits. Looking at these now I realise that they very clearly influenced my personal sense of style! If you’re interested to read an article on the history of Tressy dolls click here /23April 


When I was making my recently completely lime green granny square top, I used a new (to me) crochet stitch, linen stitch. It’s a great discovery. It’s quite straightforward, and the structure gives the resulting work a smooth, woven look, and a very soft and fluid feel. If you use 2 or more colours it also allows for interesting design choices. If you’d like to have a go here is a link to a tutorial. It does work up smaller than regular stitches, so it’s a good idea to do a tension square first… actually that’s a cardinal rule if you want to avoid disappointment. /24 April 


I came across this article on my internet travels. Given that we have our monks at the Abbey here in Lagrasse, and how often the adjective ‘monastic’ is used to describe my designs, I thought I would share here, as it is such a beautiful exhibition. Enjoy! /25 April


How to patch your jeans! Personally I don’t possess a pair (they destroy my back) but for those that do, and that would like to try some creative repairing, here’s everything you need to know. / 26 April


You want to see some mad crochet? Katie Jones is your girl! I know a few of you who are going to feel like you’ve died and gone to heaven when you see all this colour. I think they are completely gorgeous! I used the yoke of her Kahlo Crop Top as inspiration for my recent lime green crocheted sweater. A few of her patterns are free too! / 27 April

katie jones beverly smart

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