Collection: Fashion

High-quality fashion clothing for women, made with deadstock fabric, vintage trousseau linen and a focus on sustainability.

No waste!

Quality, value and sustainability. That's what Beverly Smart is all about.  I believe that my customers are looking for a high-quality product that will last them a long time, as well as being sustainable in its production and use.

I have been using deadstock fabrics that would otherwise be thrown away or recycled into something else since I started in 1992. This means I can offer great-value clothing that is made from quality materials, without hurting the environment.

You can see the latest designs from the workshop in JUST IN.  My capsule collection, SMART BASICS, simplifies your life! All the garments are designed to mix together perfectly... and to last.  Add to your wardrobe as and when. Together they create a classical coordinated look. My collection of handmade KNITWEAR is a showcase of unique pieces, knitted by hand, in my down time.