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Daily inspiration - week 22




Need cheering up or just love a laugh? Watch Kay show you how NOT to sew your own mask! / 20 May




Three of my lovely clients who came by today, fully decked out in past Beverly Smart purchases, which always gives me such a kick. They arrived at 2.30, left after 5! after a lovely long chat in my fashion room, putting the world to rights, over a lovely cup of tea. / 22 May 

beverly smart loyal clients



beverly smart visible mending



The art of visible mending. Lots of inspiration here. / 23 May 


Click for video / 23 May 

beverly smart netflix sustainability



I think you all know how important sustainability is to me, as well as respect for the crafters and creators that make the items for sale in my store. Here is a list of recommended viewing on Netflix. Click on pic for article / 24 May 


I went along to this exbibition at the V&A earlier this year. It was fascinating. Now you can see it too!
Captured just before the museum closed its doors, follow Kimono: Kyoto to Catwalk curator Anna Jackson on an intimate 5-part tour through the exhibition spaces, providing a personal insight into the making of the show, star exhibits and the fascinating history of the kimono. / 26 May



beverly smart kimono victoria & albert museum



beverly smart mantilla lace cape


A long standing client came by to order some dresses for this summer. She also brought along a beautiful mantilla in handmade black lace that she had acquired at some point. She asked me if I had any ideas for transforming it into something she could easily wear. Et voila! A gorgeous accessory that she will be able to add to innumerable outfits. / 27 May 

beverly smart mantilla lace cape   beverly smart mantilla lace cape
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