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When your eighty-nine year old neighbour pops into the shop and buys one of your new hand knits, you can’t help but be proud. Proud for so many reasons. That generation bought wanting things to last, to value craftsmanship, to check the durability of the material and invest in a garment that could be worn not for one season but maybe for a lifetime … oh, and it should wash well! She appreciates all the hours that went into creating the garment. She’s fearless too with a touch of playfulness. A similar handknit featured on my catwalk with a man wearing it! 

Knitted objects date back to the 12th century which is rather apt when you live and work in a medieval village and love knitting. Last Saturday afternoon, in the weekly workshop, I was sharing tips on knitting tension with the younger generation. Amelie was reading the pattern from her mobile (very modern!), while Katie repaired a jumper her friend had knitted ages ago but had some holes after the moths had had a snack. Sometimes sitting down with others and finishing off all the ends is much more fun. 


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I’m so enjoying seeing new and old knitters come and join me while we learn new techniques together. I loved learning this ingenious method of making (intentional) holes in Marthe’s jumper and am delighted that she recognised that skill. She’s consciously Smart.



Thank you Marthe, you are an inspiration!


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Formidable. Et Marthe est vraiment superbe dans ce pull qui lui va à ravir.
Je la féliciterai lors de mon retour en terre “Corbières” pour les fêtes de fin d’année.


Totally brilliant..


I love it! Absolute testament to what you do best… always proud to have you as a friend! Just glad the logo has also lasted ;-)


What a great piece 👍👍👍


Magnifique !


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