Mes foulards sont arrivés! - BEVERLY SMART

My scarves have arrived!

So here it is … the first collaboration with my intern Justine. It's a limited edition Beverly Smart scarf. I’ve wanted to create one for a while but never seemed to have the time to design one. Having a young creative around me last year spurred me into having a go! I’ve always found that a scarf can transform an outfit, add a little “je ne sais quoi”, a chic element whether you’re wearing it Audrey Hepburn style or Princess Grace, or even the 1980s Madonna revival as a headband … it can complete a look. 

beverly smart limited edition scarf

What I love about a scarf is that it can update an existing outfit yet also be very practical. It’s like a security blanket, a luxurious accessory you can throw over your shoulder or wrap around yourself if you get cold. Add a necklace and you have a completely new look. When you need to be glammed up a little in the evening, you can just add my silk scarf.

beverly smart foulard edition limitee


beverly smart scarf pure silk I’ve always believed in careful consumption. Every element of my garments is designed to give effortless elegance and my scarf is no exception. What I didn’t know when I designed it, was how practical it would be for our new way of living. Now the scarf can be wrapped around your neck and raised to cover your mouth or fixed over your mask to make it look chicer. 


The edging is elegantly hand stitched. The silk feels beautiful to touch. Natural fabrics like this pure silk manage to offer warmth when needed and keep you cool at other times. Breathability is also an added advantage if you choose to wrap it around your face (not near any lipstick of course!). A simple cotton layer between your face and scarf can transform this into an elegant extension of your future mask protection wardrobe.
beverly smart echarpe pure soie


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