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Hand sculpted sustainable wooden plate

Hand sculpted sustainable wooden plate

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These sublime wooden plates are hand carved from Jacaranda wood. Perfect for serving aperitifs or cheese, they can be hand washed. You can also choose to oil them, either with a colour-neutral mineral oil, or with linseed or olive oil to lightly deepen the colour. 

The process begins by chopping off a branch of a tree, in this case the invader species of Jacaranda mimosifolia was used. It is a light softer wood which gets slightly darker with age. This branch is then split up into small pieces and thereafter the different products are made.

The carver of these plates is called Raymond Nvatsho. He is originally from the Makonde tribe in Northern Mozambique where the wood carving skill was passed down in families. Many of the carvers were related or from the same village. Raymond works in the shade of a tree next to his house in Bushbuck ridge Mpumalanga. He sometimes gets cousins and friends to assist him.

Hand woodcarving is a dying art in Africa. There are few carvers left due to the lack of the natural resources and viable business opportunities. Many of the carvers have now moved to the cities to seek work and new opportunities. The Makonde people are known for their intricate carving, but this range is an example of how their skills can be also be used to make everyday items, simple and very beautiful. 

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