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Fan shaped Bib necklace with vinyl disc tassels

Fan shaped Bib necklace with vinyl disc tassels

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This handmade bib necklace made from recycled vinyl discs is a statement of Malian ingenuity and creativity. The use of recycled materials showcases the artisan's commitment to sustainability, while the leather mount adds an element of sophistication and durability.

The edges adorned with amber coloured glass beads provide a pop of vibrancy that draws the eye, making this piece a captivating addition to any outfit. Boldly proclaiming its origins through its unique design, this piece speaks to the beauty found in repurposing discarded items and transforming them into something functional and beautiful.

 Whether dressed up for a special occasion or worn casually for everyday elegance, this necklace is a true testament to both African craftsmanship and eco-consciousness.

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