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Opulent sustainable ostrich eggshell collar necklace

Opulent sustainable ostrich eggshell collar necklace

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Introducing our luxurious collar-length necklace, meticulously handcrafted with sustainably sourced ostrich eggshell. Each piece embodies meticulous attention to detail and ethical responsibility, showcasing the innate beauty of nature.

Adorn your neckline with sophistication and grace using this distinctive accessory, carefully handmade to enhance your ensemble. The sustainable sourcing of ostrich eggshell ensures a unique statement of conscious luxury in every necklace.

Ju/’hoan and !Kung San women of Namibia continue to employ a millennia-old technique passed down through generations to fashion ostrich eggshell beads. These beads, once intricately crafted by their hunter-gatherer ancestors, served as exquisite body adornments and tokens of exchange.

Dating back over 50,000 years, ostrich eggshell beads represent humanity's earliest venture into bead-making, with the San community upholding this tradition as the only remaining torchbearers. This practice not only preserves their cultural heritage but also resonates with the essence of our collective history.

Originally sourced from wild nests, today's ostrich eggshells are responsibly procured from ostrich farms. The sustainability of these products is ensured by waiting for the ostrich chicks to hatch, when the shells are then sterilised, before being crafted into this chic and  eco-conscious jewellery.

Each piece develops a unique patina over time as it interacts with the wearer – a testament to its journey and the individual who adorns it.

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