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Black kimono jacket – Oversize

Black kimono jacket – Oversize

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The oversize black kimono jacket, a must in my basics collection. A piece that combines with other shapes, either more fitted, or just as loose, to balance the silhouette.

A black kimono jacket is a must in our wardrobe, ladies. For my Basics collection I chose an oversize model, with a simple, oval neckline and a loose armhole. 

With this black kimono jacket, I wanted you to be able to mix it up with more fitted items, or alternatively, very wide shapes. To play with volume and balance your silhouette, whatever the circumstances. 

The curved line of the kimono jacket provides a flattering fit, no matter what your size. The shaped shoulder cut and open front, the light weight of the black fabric, finely woven, all combine to give a unique fluidity and grace. 

Did you know that in Japanese, the term kimono means "thing to wear" and it was initially used to describe any type of clothing? A bit like the principle of a capsule collection in fact. Which just confirms that my oversized black kimono jacket definitely belongs in your basics wardrobe.

The simplicity of the black kimono, the elegance of a well-designed cut

The special feature of this oversize black kimono jacket is that the curve starts at the shoulders and falls away in vertical lines towards the hips. Then the kimono-inspired armhole creates a second line from the shoulder also, draping to the waistline. 

The black kimono jacket fits perfectly with other pieces from the Basics capsule collection:  dressesskirts and trousers. And of course, it is also perfect for twinning with jeans or leggings. 


70cm at back


100% black Polyester


one size


Machine wash at 30º, iron on wrong side at low temperature.

Taking essential pieces from my collections, this is my capsule wardrobe. In beautiful fabrics that travel like a dream, you'll be ready for any occasion.


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