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Upcycled copper wire drop earrings

Upcycled copper wire drop earrings

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You will love these elegant earrings, made by hand from upcycled copper wire in South Africa.

These copper wire drop earrings are particularly tempting and are made from fine and delicate copper wire.

Their long lines accentuate the swing and movement of your head and flatter the jawline.

  • The linear form of the copper wires: the artisan’s skill fashions an elegant, fine, delicate form. The copper wire has been tested and does not contain any traces of nickel, lead or cadmium.
  • The warm orange and red reflection of copper, giving character and light to the earrings, creating a piece of very personal and desirable jewellery.
  • The earrings are balanced by the delicacy of the wire.

Did you know that symbolically, copper is associated with love, vitality and energy?

Chic drop earrings

Telephone wire is a popular material in South African weaving craft. This item of jewellery was designed by a small jewellery studio founded by Stella, in Durban. Previously involved in the healthcare field, she created this group to help parents of disabled children provide for them. Forty mothers work at home for the group, which allows them to look after their children whilst they earn valuable income.

These earrings are both original and on trend. All you have to do is to choose them and wear them.

Length : 6cm from hook


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