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Classic white three-quarter sleeve shirt

Classic white three-quarter sleeve shirt

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The white shirt is one of the classics of a female wardrobe, and I selected this blouse version for my basics collection without hesitation, with its large collar, fullness and three-quarter sleeves. Comfort and style guaranteed.

Yet another basic of a woman’s capsule wardrobe: the shirt or white shirt. The generous straight cut provides comfort and originality, and makes it a garment adaptable for all uses: day or evening, casual or dressy. 

The white shirt and the little black dress, essentials of the basics world

The white shirt is just like the little black dress : a classic, a basic, a fundamental element of the female wardrobe. Although that was not always the case, as the white shirt, a long time reserved for just men, only became part of the female wardrobe around the 1930’s.

Note that the white shirt easily mixes together with another black garment: jegging, straight skirt, black sweater … or not: a denim skirt, linen trousers, drainpipe jeans …

And what makes a white shirt elegant is, of course, the cut, the fabric and details like the top stitching.

The vagaries of a white shirt

You’d be wrong to think that a basic is always easy to wear. That all white shirts guarantee instant chic.

No, the white shirt, in particular, is a great example of the contrary. Here is a garment that could have the best or worst effect. Two examples:

  • We have a tendency to roll up the sleeves of a classic white shirt, in order to highlight the casually chic side. And then should we button the front right up to the collar, or unbutton it quite low?
  • The biggest challenge ? What style to choose in the waist/hip area? Tuck in the shirt or wear it loose? Tuck in the front and leave the back out?

For your comfort and because I believe in basic classics that are effortless, I’ve designed a style that solves these questions: no buttons, an open collar and ¾ length sleeves.

Three-quarter length, very cool and original

I wanted to restyle this garment stolen from the male wardrobe, to create a decidedly feminine piece.

This model is a casual and original combination: a slight trapeze cut, three-quarter sleeves (the three-quarter sleeve is always so elegant) and a drop shoulder line.

And the last detail, the length of my white shirt makes it perfect for wearing as a tunic, over leggings or jeans, or or  under/over a skirt or trousers


65cm at back


100% Polyester


One size (upto 46)


Machine wash at 30º, iron on wrong side, low temperature

Taking essential pieces from my collections, this is my capsule wardrobe. In beautiful fabrics that travel like a dream, you'll be ready for any occasion.


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