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  • Couverts à salade en corne beverly smart
  • Horn salad servers beverly smart
  • Horn salad servers beverly smart
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Horn Salad servers

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These beautiful polished salad servers are made from zebu horn. They are perfect for serving your salads, as they can be hand washed, so are practical and elegant.

The Madagascan crafters use their ancestral skills to work this material, a by-product of the zebu. They heat each piece to allow them to coax and mould it into their desired form. Horn, know for its resistance and fine structure, has a density and hardness superieur to many woods. The zebu itself is, it goes without saying, not an endangered species, and ranges free in its natural environment.

As the material used is variable in colour and tone, each product has a unique colour variation, and the photo is a guideline only.

Dim: 26 x 7 cm